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About us

New Concept Travel has entered the market in 1993, when our first main office was opened in Bucharest. Within only 3 years, we met all the evaluation criteria imposed by the International Air Transportation Association, becoming a fully accredited agent.

The invitation to join American Express Global Business Travel in 2003 and become their sole representatives in Romania appointed for Corporate Travel Services came as a recognition for our dynamic development and for our high operational and quality standards. The perfect combination of global know-how and local expertise enables us to offer our customers a complex range of benefits.

We have been privileged over the years to have a continuously growing client portfolio of both multinational and national companies. At present, we service more than 250 companies from all major industries: automotive, pharmaceuticals, IT, FMCG, Energy, Constructions etc. This diversity led us to acquire the necessary expertise and the in-depth knowledge of the corporate travel needs specific to each industry.
At the same time, in order to better respond to our clients’ needs, we have strategically expanded into locations of interest for them. Thus, we opened 2 more offices in Timisoara and Craiova.

Our evolution was decisively influenced by our determination to permanently grow in a dynamic business travel industry. Year after year we continued to strengthen our position as a leader in the market through performance, innovation and versatility.

Our values

We believe in long-term strategic development, based on the solid system of values that we have built and which will continue to shape our evolution. Under the umbrella of a strong organizational culture, we seek to continuously grow both individually and as a company, by sharing the same principles of conduct and ethics.




  • We apply the same principles of ethics and professional conduct both in our customer relationships and in our established professional relationships with all players in the industry
  • We rapidly adapt to the most demanding requirements, with the desire to continuously improve our knowledge and capabilities
  • We rely on our local expertise and on the American Express Global Business Travel know-how in order to provide innovative solutions and to always be a step ahead of the market trends.
  • We invest in people and we have a competent, strong and motivated team of specialists with an average professional experience in our company of 10 years
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Why choose New Concept Travel ?
The Same business trips ...

You will not have to worry about hidden costs. Transparency is not only an ethical principle for us, but it is also an obligation that is fully assumed by us and auditable by your oraganization.
We invest massively in technology dedicated to the Corporate Travel segment from Online Booking Tools to security technologies, Pre-Trip Approval tools etc.
We have developed over the past 25 years of Business Travel Services all the necessary levers used to optimize the travel budgets and to achieve guaranteed savings.
We are at your disposal not only to provide you with the best performance and specialized Corporate Travel services, but also to actively participate in the fulfillment of your financial objectives and in the achievement of your desired internal results.




support and emergency
travel services,
24 hours a day,
365 days a year


> 500
transactions processed

> 850
hotels and boarding houses
contracted in Romania,
which ensure total coverage,
including small towns and
hard to reach locations


> 1.000
events per year,
from 20 to 2.000
participants, in Romania
and abroad


> 75.000
hotels in our portfolio,
from 2 to 5 stars


> 100.000
air segments
per year, on all
airlines, including
low-cost carriers


> 120.000
roomnights per year,
domestic and abroad,
Corporate only


Complete business travel management solutions

We offer you complete business travel management solutions, adaptable in real time to the dynamics of the business environment and customized according to the specifics and the requirements of your company.

Our stated goal is to GUARANTEE THE LONG-TERM SUCCESS of your travel program through performance, vision, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Corporate Travel Services



  • Air ticket bookings on all routes, to all destinations and on all airlines
  • Tripartite contracts with airlines
  • Domestic and international hotel reservations; New Concept Travel hotel portfolio and/or the customers' hotel program
  • Multiple distribution channels that allow constant optimization between various hotel rates (public, corporate or New Concept Travel hotel portfolio rate)
  • VIP services
  • Car rentals with or without driver, domestic and abroad
  • Transfers to / from the airport, domestic and international
  • Assistance in obtaining visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Train tickets


Travel Management Services
... beyond Corporate Travel

We optimize your travel program NOW to respond to the reality of TOMORROW !

Cutting-edge technology dedicated to the Corporate Travel segment, consulting services, detailed analysis, complex reporting ... are just a few of the elements that help us offer you the long-term benefits needed to achieve: guaranteed savings, optimized consumption of resources, correctly sized  travel budgets, safety and ongoing control of our performance.

  The Management Of The Travel Program

The travel program is a key component in transforming the multiple variables that make business travel a complex theme into measurable   and manageable elements.

We have the experience, the resources and the supplier relationships needed, both to create and manage your company's travel policy and to evaluate and optimize a travel policy already in place.

By being proactive and fully engaged we support the process of corporate culture change around travel buying decision: Transient Travel policy, Events Travel policy, Supplier policy, Traveler compliance, Corporate social responsibility.

Technological solutions:



    We have in our portfolio the most important online booking tools on the market, which we put at your disposal. From booking air tickets and hotels, to train tickets and ground transportation services, we make the online booking process of a business trip an easy, intuitive and personalized experience, in strict compliance with your travel policy. We assist you in building a coherent travel program, taking into account all the particularities of your existing organizational processes for the integration of the online component.



    Our travel profile management solution helps optimize the booking and reporting processes. In a safe and efficient way, we capture from personal data and employee identification within the company to various preferences (special dietary needs, preferred seats, frequent traveler programs, etc.). These details are automatically copied into each booking, ensuring optimal processing of applications and facilitating internal cost reconciliation processes per employee.



    When passengers are confronted with a crisis situation in the area where they are located, they expect and they need urgent assistance. Our travel alert monitoring solution is connected in real time to booking and travel data management systems, and advanced SMS and email communication solutions. We will be able to locate travelers in any risk areas at any time, communicate with them and take the necessary steps to bring them back home safely.



    The itinerary management application we provide facilitates the organization of all travel plans in one place. Travelers can instantly access directly from their mobile the travel itineraries, before and during travel, and they will receive real-time flight status alerts or other relevant details. A New Concept Travel counselor is also available, day and night, and can be contacted directly from the application. Travel itineraries are automatically synchronized with the most used electronic calendars.



    Our solutions check the pricing instruments in the reservation systems for identifying the lowest rates, both on the existing itineraries and on the alternative itineraries. When a lower fare which is in line with the travel policy is automatically identified, the reservation is automatically returned to a New Concept Travel consultant for customer information.

    The solution also provides quality control by running the necessary processes to complete the reservation. It automatically identifies and corrects any errors while maintaining the on-hold booking for subsequent ticket issuance.


    The ticket tracking application provides the list of unused electronic ticket after the last trip date in real-time. Automated retrieval and compilation of unused airline ticket data allows for their quick and easy identification without the need for manual intervention. They can then be reissued, revalidated or reimbursed, generating additional savings.

  Travel Budget Management

Regardless of the size of your organization and the scope of your business, we can build together, customize and optimize your entire travel budget in a strategic and transparent way, in order to achieve major savings by applying the following principles:

  • Your permanent management over the expenses and behavior of the travelers
  • We provide services on a transparent platform and you have total visibility on actual costs
  • Complex analysis and reporting through specialized tools for budget management and cost allocation
  • Power in the negotiation with with suppliers and access to consolidated benefits obtained for you by New Concept Travel


    The Expense Management processes within your company are important for budget planning, financial flow management, while allowing for a judicious analysis of travel expenses to improve decision making and cost management.

    Our solutions are compatible with the automated Expense Management systems you have implemented (SAP, Concur etc.)

  Process Management

Building on our experience and using our resources dedicated to the Corporate Travel Area, we contribute to the optimization of your organizational processes, including: business travel approval flows, data consolidation and reporting, technology integration.

Technological solutions:



    System that allows the automated approval of the travel, related costs and the issuing of travel documents. Using this system consistently reduces the number of non-essential journeys, reduces the time taken to evaluate, approve or reject travel requests and ensures full compliance with your company's travel policy and provides online reporting (short or detailed) for monitoring and auditing your decisions.



    We base all processes on an advanced Mid / Back-Office system developed to meet the specific requirements of the travel industry. This system covers the entire operational spectrum required, from managing the booking-billing processes (end-to-end processes) to complex reporting on indicators and data categories configured based on the specific needs of your company.

  Performance Management

You benefit from a complete control of our performance by constantly monitoring and measuring the agreed indicators of service quality, depending on the specific features of your corporate travel program and based on your expectations.



    Capturing feedback from travelers is very important to us, which is why we have an automated system in place that allows us to closely track the degree of satisfaction among them. Based on the results of these surveys, we are continuously improving the work and the operational processes so that the degree of satisfaction monitored remains permanently above the predefined thresholds that were agreed with your organization.



    We actively monitor the response times to your requests and we constantly ensure, through the systems we have at our disposal, the accuracy of the answers generated by our consultants.



Contact Us

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